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"I always think about why women are superficial and disgusting." As pick-up lines go, it could use some work.This, however, is Ok Cupid, the vast, weird pink-and-blue toned jungle of the id masquerading as a dating site, where rare birds of modern romance flutter amongst the night-terrors of human loneliness and despair and the suspicious skin irritants of late-night hook-uppery.The smartest, most passionate, most beautiful women I've met have been Satanists.I don't mean "beautiful on the inside where it really counts;" I mean gorgeous, vibrant, curvy women.“He suffered multiple puncture wounds as well as lacerations and slash wounds to his back, face, arms, legs and neck,” noted Walisiciwicz.Officers responding to the reported stabbing discovered “bloody duct tape, which was fashioned in a manner that appeared to be a restraint, as well as a bloody length of rope” in the area where the victim was found.

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Satanists have an innate complexity of mind that hungers for uncompromising examination and speculation, not superficially-comforting pap.A blood trail led police to Apartment 9 on the third floor of 918 East Knapp Street.Inside, cops spotted a “large amount of blood on the floor and on bedding in a bedroom.” They also saw “duct tape, which was fashioned in a manner that appeared to be a restraint.” While at the apartment building, police were approached by Rebecca Chandler, 22, who stated, “I think you are here looking for me.” Chandler told cops that she had engaged in sexual relations with the Arizona man “and that the cutting was consensual but that it got quickly out of hand.” Chandler claimed that her roommate--whom she identified only as “Scarlett”--was “the one who did the majority of the cutting” during the incident."But my interest is the word Monster, what do you see in the O? The lady also takes issue with the large-sized can being called 'BFC' (Big F*cking Can) and suggests that the 'unleash the beast' slogan ties in with beastly descriptions of the Devil in the Bible.