Messianic dating beth israel

We are Messianic Jews dedicated to bringing the truth of the Jewishness of Messiah Yeshua to the world.Adon (Master) Yeshua commanded us to make talmidim (disciples) of all the nations. Self-discipline is necessary not only in building one’s character but in keeping the body in shape, remembering that it is the temple of Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit).

These powerful testimonies can be a source of encouragement for many others to come into the light.

To worship the Lord in spirit and in truth, and to motivate, teach and equip the Saints to operate in the fivefold ministry that Yah has gifted them with.

Contact: Ro'eh Steven Mc Donald and Rabbi Franceilia Mc Donald Phone: 850-306-1479 Email: Ahm Yisrael Messianic Synagogue is a Bible-believing, Torah-observant community in Yeshua (Jesus).

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