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My job is to fight the war.’ It’s why they trusted Eisenhower. He’d come into the town square on a Sedan armchair.He didn’t bulls - - t.” Brian Cox plays Churchill: “I had considerable information. My uncle told me they’d tell the bearer, who was paid a quid, ‘If you drop him, we’ll give you two quid.’ “Very heavy drinker, he’d have Champagne for breakfast, brandy at lunch, wine for tea, something heavier for dinner and more for bed.The so-called “butterfly effect” extends to Raimy’s mother, Julie (Devin Kelly), her boyfriend, Daniel (Daniel Bonjour) and her childhood friend, Gordo (Lenny Jacobson).It also resurfaces a decades-long cold case of the Nightingale Killer that Raimy works with Frank’s former partner and her mentor, Lt. Because the two main characters are separated by two decades, List and Smith find themselves in the unusual scenario of not physically having any scenes together, though they will stand off-stage and read lines to the other while filming.I played him straight.” Fearing a bloodbath, Winston Churchill was against D-Day at first.

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Slattery himself was nominated for an Emmy Award for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series (2008-2011).

In the TV series, Raimy is an NYPD detective whose police officer father was killed in 1996 while on undercover assignment — a death she has always believed was the result of his corruption, but was actually a secret sting operation gone bad.

“The relationship between the father and son is very different than how we present it in the pilot,” List says. Whereas in our story, Raimey’s father died under suspicious circumstances. she grew up with this horrible suspicion ‘don’t turn out like your dad.’ ” Their conversation over the airwaves of time allows Raimey to help Frank survive the attempt on his life — but the ensuing episodes will see them have to deal with the unintended consequences of changing the past.

Allied Forces in the fight to free Europe from Nazi tyranny.

Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower: “I read every book, 11 books, on Ike. And in the stratosphere with Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin.