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In a design straight from the earliest days of the Web, miscellaneous posts compete for attention on page after page of blue links, undifferentiated by tags or ratings or even usernames. It isn't worth trying to compare its traffic to competitors', because at this scale there are no competitors.

Millions of people apparently believe that love awaits here, but it is well hidden. Odd perhaps, but no odder than what you see at the most popular job-search site: another wasteland of hypertext links, one line after another, without recommendations or networking features or even protection against duplicate postings. Each of these sites, of course, is merely one of the many sections of craigslist, which dominates the market in facilitating face-to-face transactions, whether people are connecting to buy and sell, give something away, rent an apartment, or have some sex.

You can also find people in search of discreet sex in surrounding areas and around the world!

There are over 30 million listings and the number grows every day.

Also, I never realized you were supposed to tip the guy who helps you get rid of that broken washing machine.

— The official city seal of Del City should be someone riding a bike on the wrong side of the road while smoking a cigarette.

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So how come when you arrive at the most popular dating site in the US you find a stream of anonymous come-ons intermixed with insults, ads for prostitutes, naked pictures, and obvious scams?TAMPA, Florida - A 15-year-old boy had grown too big for his prized dirt bike and was ready to sell it."I got it as a Christmas present and I worshiped it, because it came from my dad," Stuart Beck said. It started as his hobby and moved on to mine." Stuart's father, James Beck, posted an ad on Craigslist and it didn't take long for an interested buyer to set up a meeting."He always had a smile on his face and he made the whole room happy," said Stuart Beck.While Craigslist is an extremely valuable tool for community sales, many crimes have been committed over the years, with criminals luring victims to encounters that have ended in murder, attempted murder, child predator arrests, armed robbery, and multiple scams.