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Prior to this, the hostname of my laptop was "yupa" (after Master Yupa, from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, because it's a MBA, get it, air? Anyway, look at what my hostname is now: umm, excuse me, I never changed my hostname.Anyway, let's back the fuck up and see how I even discovered this.My brother (who is also my roommate) opened the account and has all the info, so I had to wait a few hours for him to get home because I was effectively powerless to fix it.(ok, I could have called him, or searched his room for the paperwork, but he was at work and I wasn't going to invade his privacy so that I could refresh Reddit for the eight billionth time that day). At least they're giving you a third alternative, if you don't want to prepay or to use a credit or debit card. In fact, that may be why gas is more expensive across the street: to make up for the money they lose from pump-and-runs.You do have to really read the fine print though because Airbnb really allows the hosts to run whatever kind of scams they can imagine as well like overpriced cleaning fees, charges per person even when you rent an entire property and more.

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I don't pay OUTRAGEOUS interest rates to use my cash. I, too, wish it didn't have to be this way, but I can't fault the gas station.

We’ve both had credit cards, never missed payments but neither of us have ever had a loan in our name. — Spencer Dear Spencer: You’ve never had a loan in your name? Because my 841 credit score allows me to qualify for the best loans on the market: How is this possible? Ideally, you should use 20 percent or less of your total credit limit.

By focusing on your credit card , you can build excellent credit.

{edited title to reflect the fact that I've started ranting and don't feel like stopping. I've lived in CA all my life, and I barely remember gas stations having a full serve aisle.

Don't make me sign up for a stupid-ass card that tracks my goddamn purchases just to BUY GASOLINE WITH CASH. I'm going across the street now, dickwads, and I'll just learn to live with the extra ONE PENNY per gallon it will cost me. When you pull up to the pumps, you have to swipe THIS card if you want to activate the pumps and then pay inside. Then you go back inside and get your .28 in change. Big pain in the ass, but at least now you can't drive off without paying. I don't want a Goat-Felching ( Sonic Card Landing Page.jsp;jsessionid=77DC828E16195303706112BF2310A2DB) HAMBURGER ( card! In my adult life (since getting my driver permit, anyway) it's always been pay, then pump.