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Unlike other models we looked at, the Square Jellyfish mount can hold a large phone stable in portrait or landscape orientation even without the legs.

Say I plug in my digital camera to upload some pictures to the tower or plug in my i Pod to put music on it, my system won’t recognize that they are plugged into the USB port A port, in networking, is a number that defines what application an internet connection is attempting to connect to. For example, by definition, a mail server will “listen” for incoming connections on port 25.

When an attempt is made to connect to that server requesting a connection to port 25, that means that the machine requesting the connection wants to “talk to” the email server listening there, presumably in order to send mail.

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Some common examples:* http is port 80 and https is 443* Sending mail (SMTP) is typically port 25 and receiving mail (POP3) is port 110* ftp, or file transfer protocol, uses both ports 21 and 22.

Photos automatically download from your camera to the i Pad.

Guests choose their favorite photos by touching them, and then hit print.

The external i Sight's ¼-inch color CCD sensor has 640×480-pixel VGA resolution, with a custom-designed three-part F/2.8 lens with two aspherical elements.

It features autoexposure, autofocusing from 50 mm to infinity, and video capture at 30 frames per second in 24-bit color with a variety of shutter speeds.